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.010 fic. just the way you are

Just the way you are.
1,100 words. Zhou Yu/Sun Ce.
Pg; continuation of prior cheesy romance, Hollywood au.

Sun Ce only cares about important problems, like why chocolate bars are lying to him.

note: i need to stop writing this verse. also check this response to my hollywood au by lavelventine! 037. the way I see it→50 challenge.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Sun Ce’s saying, sitting on the counter as he peels the wrapper of a king sized Hershey bar. The wrapper crinkles noisily in his excited fingers and his feet tip a bar stool over and set it back up again and again.

Zhou Yu makes a noncommittal noise while going over a few film proposals to show he’s not really listening to him.

“I mean, I like you, you like me, that’s all there is to it.”

Zhou Yu balks a moment at the word ‘like’ for how it almost sounds demeaning to his ears. He wouldn’t pin his feelings on a simple like, but perhaps he’s just a romantic at heart. He closes the proposal in his hands with a snap and turns his head to survey Sun Ce, whose attention is more focused on his candy bar than the other man in the room.

“You know the real crime?” Sun Ce erupts suddenly by waving the candy bar around zealously. “This is so not a deluxe candy bar. I think they pretend by calling it that so they can tack another dollar onto the price.”

Zhou Yu rolls his eyes and pries the bar from Sun Ce’s fingers. Slipping it down by the easy open, he breaks off a piece and slips it into his mouth, lips tipping into a smirk.

“Hey!” Sun Ce grabs for him before he can get away and yanks him back by the tie he had yet to discard. Chocolate warms his mouth for one instant before Sun Ce’s tongue invades his mouth, seeking the stolen treat like a tiger after his prey. There’s a moment where chocolate is forgotten, and his hands finger Sun Ce’s short hair.

The manager that has a habit of intruding at the most improper moment interrupts them, and Zhou Yu contemplates firing him even as they pull away from each other. Sun Ce licks remnants of chocolate from the corner of his mouth, his eyes flashing in smug victory.

“Hah, I win.” Sun Ce laughs the same laugh that stole more than fangirl hearts.

With a foreboding sigh, Zhou Yu turns to Lu Meng, who’s toeing off his shoes at the door to the flat. His manager has a grumpy expression—but then, when is his expression not one that rivals a grapefruit—and is holding another file under his arm.

“You’re feeling rather rebellious, aren’t you?” The man says, dumping the file on the counter beside Sun Ce. Zhou Yu’s hand rests idly on Sun Ce’s knee.

“Nah, this ain’t rebellious for him,” Sun Ce grins around a mouthful of chocolate. The effect it has on his teeth is completely charming and makes Zhou Yu’s stomach churn slightly.

“Right,” Lu Meng eyes Zhou Yu shiftily, with a dubious expression creasing his brow. “Well, there’s a huge crowd downstairs wanting to get to your room to make you two answer for your public show.” The man continues to grump around, helping himself to a bottle of water from the fridge. Zhou Yu’s fingers itch with the desire to deduct a dollar-fifty from his payroll. “I’ve been running around like a maniac, arranging press conferences, interviews, trying to find a decent cover up, and, nothing. No help from either of you.”

Sun Ce shrugs. “It’s better than lying. Lying just rips you off with small candy bars.” He says, waving the empty wrapper around. “Worst dollar-fifty I ever spent.”

“There are worse problems than an overpriced candy bar that you are more than able to pay for, Sun Ce.”

The young star snorts. “Like what? They’ll get over it. Everyone’ll get over it. This is my life, and I’m not going to change it for someone else.” He crumbled the wrapper into a ball. “Just because I’m a star doesn’t mean I’m a tool.”

“You’re right,” Lu Meng agrees, making Sun Ce look up in surprise. “You’re not a tool, you're an example.”

Sun Ce’s grin turns dangerous, and the back of Zhou Yu’s neck prickles in quiet anticipation. “So what’re you saying Meng?” The fist that was crumbling the wrapper tightens around it until it shakes. “What’s wrong with the picture?”

He loops an arm around Zhou Yu’s waist and rests his chin on his shoulder. “There’s nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all.” Sun Ce’s voice might be quaking, but Zhou Yu’s not certain why. He silently loops his arm around Sun Ce’s shoulders and runs a finger along his earlobe.

The glare Sun Ce’s giving Lu Meng is one of an open challenge, and when Zhou Yu turns his face into Sun Ce’s hair, smelling rose shampoo, things become clear—if they’re not, perhaps he was wrong in making Lu Meng his manager, after all.

Lu Meng is standing in the middle of the room, the door behind him, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu in front of him. Lu Meng’s not a hypocrite, Zhou Yu knows this, and it makes him smile into Ce’s locks.

“Take a picture.” Zhou Yu’s low voice is thick and sharp. Lu Meng stares. Zhou Yu turns his head, his long hair draping over Sun Ce’s back. “Do it, and put it on twitter, facebook, the homepage, everywhere, anywhere.”

He trails his fingers down Sun Ce’s skin until they meet the coarse hair that tells the start of his goatee. He still remembers telling him to shave it—who was he to know that it’d be a cause for international sensation?

He can hear Lu Meng fumbling with his iPhone, and patiently waits until he raises it to press his lips to Sun Ce’s smooth cheek. He can feel the muscles forming into a smile beneath his lips, and his eyes slip closed against the click of the camera phone.

Though Lu Meng may be staring, helplessly, feeling his life slipping through his fingers, Zhou Yu has less than worry about it, because the world will accept them like they do overpriced candy bars.

Sun Ce is steadfast, and fierce, and he’s never backed away from who he is. He never backs down in the face of a challenge, and if he does something, he’s jumping all the way in. The rest of the world may not understand, nor need they agree, but no one ever asked them too.

Whether Zhou Yu likes it or not is irrelevant. Whether he’s embarrassed about his private life being exposed is also irrelevant. The important thing is in his arms, tilting his head to catch his lips in a kiss, and tasting like sweet chocolate.

Tags: +fic, -dynasty warriors, p: zhou yu/sun ce
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