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.000 welcome and masterlists

Hello and welcome to robot ink (or robo tink)--ha. This is my place to store my writing snippets and my sketches etc. i'll probably mostly use this for original writing and art but i'm sure fanfiction writing will undoubtedly end up here anyway. Art will be locked, because I'm anal, so join to view :) If you do join please don't take anything you see out of the community, thanks!

first and foremost: all kpop fic is elsewhere. (like here.)


dynasty warriors archive→ here
d. gray-man.→
factoids.; kanda/lavi.
kanda doesn't shy from the truth, even if he doesn't want to understand it.

illust. forms final.→ here

evermyst chronicles
evermyst chronicles is a story epic that centers around two twin brothers who lost their memories of birth and grow up adoptees of the northern queen and a lot of epic stuff happens to them as they grow up and find out that they are the heir's to the throne through reincarnation, and also discover their lives to be threatened by the same fayte who all but wiped elves out and started the elf vs. demon war.

iantivirus is an original roleplay created by azer about an online massive roleplaying game called Cyberpolis.
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